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Red Barn Ministries is proud to announce our first book!

Like a glorious fondue, Daddy's First Baby Book dips your baby's mind into the cheese-sauce of life's most tasty meats and the noble animals that make them possible.  

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Daddy's First Baby Book


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"My 2-year old won't stop asking for meatballs."

Jon, father of 6


"My grandfather loved it!"

Devon, electrician

"My favorite page is chicken... NUGGETS!"

Gus, 5

"Most kids look at a cow and say 'moo.' Our kids look at a cow and say 'burger.'"

Kristin, mother and homeschooler

"My teacher was concerned that some kids don't know that chicken nuggets are made from chicken. So I reached into my backpack and said 'I have a book for that!'"

Caleb, 8th grader

"I bought one for every family member and friend with a baby!"

Mary, Grandmother and

"church lady"

"The book speaks for itself."

Liz, English Teacher and mother

"Ever since I started reading this to my baby girl for her bedtime story, she's been smiling and giggling in her sleep. I believe it's because she is dreaming of bacon and doughnuts. Thanks Sam!"

Colin, father and carnivore


about sam

Sam Todzia is a Catholic husband, father, carpenter, and speaker with a passion to engage people with the Gospel and a life of faith.  Sam has been in ministry for 10 years with a focus on teens, young adults, and men. He speaks to young people across New England and is the host of the outlandish men's event Meat&Greet. When he's not doing all of that, he writes books too. Daddy's First Baby Book is one of many in his imagination and the first to be realized, in the hope of building up fatherhood and encouraging young carnivores.




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