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The glory of God is man fully alive. - St. Irenaeus

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The Mission of Red Barn Ministries is to enliven the youth with a passion to live out their Catholic faith. Using an engaging and exciting approach, RBM seeks to present the truth of Jesus Christ and the incredible life of freedom and adventure God planned for each of us since the foundation of the world.

RBM breaks through the noise and distractions of the day to offer a moment of clarity on the things that really matter in the lives of teens. During retreats with RBM, we provide straightforward answers to some of the most difficult and confusing questions teens have:

Who am I?  Why am I here?  What is the point of my life?  What happens when I die? Does God really exist?  What about Jesus?  Are all religions the same?  Why be Catholic?

With a fresh, down-to-earth presentation, RBM hits teens with the truth and freedom of a Christ-centered life and, in the process, opens their eyes to consider the dangers of modern traps such as relativism and pornography which distort truth and threaten freedom.  In the end, teens will leave a RBM retreat motivated to go deeper in a relationship with Jesus built on prayer and the sacraments, as well as a renewed understanding of their deepest identity as beloved children of God.  


Dark Wood Panels

"This experience has helped me to understand my faith and will help guide me through confirmation and the rest of my life." 

- Student, St. Matthew Church, Southborough, MA

"I went home a new person." 

- Student, St. Gregory the Great Church, Bristol, CT

"What you share with our teens really changes them. I hope you know how many hearts are converted with your message." 

- Mary Pat Heelan,

Director of Religious Education, 

St. John the Guardian of Our Lady Church, Clinton, MA



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