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Sam Todzia is a Catholic husband, father, carpenter, and speaker with a passion to engage young people with the Gospel and a life of faith.  With over 15 years of experience working with teenagers, including at risk teens and those suffering from mental illnesses, he brings a practical approach to youth ministry taking into account all that today’s teens are facing.  His presentation is dynamic and provocative; challenging students to think critically about their lives and the plan God has for them. 

Sam blends teaching with games and stories to meet teens where they are and guide them to the Truth. Young people leave with a renewed appreciation of their deepest identity as beloved sons and daughters of God the Father. God has a plan for all of His children. Sam helps them see beyond who the world tells them to be so that they can become the people our world desperately needs them to be.

Sam and his wife Kristin spent a year as Catholic missionaries in the remote mountains of Haiti as part of Movin’ with the Spirit Haiti180. They participated in community outreach and worked with a local crew to build the orphanage, Kay Mari Manman Tout Timoun (House of Mary, Mother of all Children). They now live in Connecticut with their six

In 2011 Sam and his brother Jon began the Catholic

men’s ministry Meat and Greet with the intention of



gathering together men of faith, and strengthening them in the resolve to live out their calling as Catholic men with confidence and conviction. Hundreds of men have grown in faith through this ministry.


In 2014 they founded Red Barn Ministries to expand their ministry to build up the youth of the Catholic Church in New England. Sam has since made this his full time mission.


Sam holds a master’s degree in theology from Holy Apostles College and Seminary. Invite Sam to help strengthen the men in your community or to ignite the fire of God’s love in the hearts of the young people in your school, parish, or youth group.

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